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Case Solution

To enhance their viability, colored cases ought to be published in color. For quite a while, 1366's prime supporters, Frank van Mierlo and Ely Sachs, had confronted a decision, which was currently made more stark: 1366 could grow to deliver silicon wafers itself, raising the obliged capital from "agreeable" financial specialists and building shipment volume gradually, or 1366 could quicken its business sector passage significantly by cooperating with the Asian makers that had started to overwhelm the overall sun powered industry. While quickened development was alluring to 1366 and its present speculators, the organization trusted that it would confront impressive dangers if it somehow happened to uncover its protected innovation to the "wrong" accomplices. 1366 had no aim of losing control of its innovation, however given the pace of advancement and the dynamic part of governments in the sun based industry, van Mierlo and Sachs dreaded this may not be a race that could be won by the mindful.

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