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3M Profile of an Innovating Company Case Solution

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Follows the inauguration and progress of 3M Corp., emphasizing especially on the beginning of its groundbreaking capacity to revolutionize and transform. In specific, it identifies the part played by of CEO William L. McKnight in developing a novelseries of values, rules, and framework to encourage and cultivatesustained rejuvenation. With the alteringcircumstances of the 1980s, however, a new line of CEOs starts to chalk out and put in place new rules and alter the cultural values and norms that facilitated 3 M’s progress and growth. The primarychallenge revolves around understanding what other changes are needed.

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Questions Covered

1. What are the key elements of 3M’s vaunted innovation culture?
2. What are the core values underlying the 3M culture?
3. How did this culture come about? How is it maintained?
4. What is your assessment of McNerney’s actions described in the Fortune article, directed toward providing discipline to 3M’s innovation efforts?
5. What is the challenge facing Buckley, as described in the Business Week article? What should he do about the tension between efficiency and creativity?