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ALZA and Bio Electro Systems A Technological and Financial Innovation Case Solution

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Case Solution

To add to the up and coming era of hazardous items, ALZA, a developed and beneficial biotechnology firm spend significant time in medication conveyance frameworks, must raise $40 million. Hierarchical imperatives and focused concerns request that the work be done inside the firm. In any case, bookkeeping contemplations and worries about shareholders' responses to the acquaintance of new dangers with the firm lead the CEO to consider reeling sheet intends to fund the new pursuit. To fund the new pursuit, the firm makes another financing vehicle: a unit comprising of callable basic stock in addition to warrants. This case analyzes the CEO's choice paving the way to the issue of the units and the foundation of another innovative work auxiliary.

Excel Calculations

·         Alza Valuation (All Values in Million unless Specified)                                                                     

·         Cost of Equity   

·         Cost of Debt      

·         Capital Structure             

·         WACC  

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