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AccuForm Ethical Leadership and Its Challenges in the Era of Globalization Case Solution

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AccuForm, a German-Hong Kong joint endeavor gaining practical experience in the generation of synthetic coatings for application to articles of clothing, is gone up against with a circumstance where an unapproved Chinese maker had stolen one of AccuForm's exploratory coatings, connected it to their own image of dress, and sold it to people in general as an AccuForm item. The item had created hypersensitive responses in a few kids, and the media had broadly reported the episode. It was later found there was more to the circumstance than stolen covering, as some staff were found to have occupied with tax evasion, misappropriation of organization resources, acknowledgment of illegitimate discounts, and fixes. The general director of AccuForm, notwithstanding needing to manage the media, likewise needed to figure out how to determine the distinctions in business practices between the organization's German and Hong Kong folks, which are thought to have been mostly in charge of the occurrence, and remake staff spirit and clients' trust in AccuForm's items. Outlines how contrasts in organization societies can make trouble for administration, and what are recipes for accomplishment in one nation may be ensures of disappointment in another.

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1.  Introduction

2.  Analysis

·         Kim’s Leadership Style

·         Ignoring Red Flags

·         Disregard for Applicable Laws

·         Further Action

3. Conclusion and Reflection