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Acme Medical Imaging Case Solution

Case Solution

After arrangements with a key supplier at lower costs and faster turnaround go no place, two workers of Acme Medical Imaging understand there's not any more low-hanging organic product to pick to keep their venture on time and on spending plan - no more concessions from outer gatherings, not any more shallow, transient fixes. They need to persuade their CEO and the undertaking group to investigate "inside procedures." From the viewpoint of Operations, this case analyzes the difficulties that can emerge - and a few stages that can be taken - when the best impediments to a venture are the individuals and methods in charge of its prosperity.

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1.      Looking at the concept of the strategic marketing process we discussed in class, which reasons for the difficult situation ACME is in can you identify?

2.      If you were to become the “Head of Marketing Research” (be careful – not the Head of Research and Development), what would your marketing research agenda look like. What would be the relevant questions to ask, which approaches and tools would you be using?