Alpen Bank Lunching the Credit Card in Romania Case Solution

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Case Solution

Victor of the 2014 Case Center Award in the class of "Financial matters, Politics and Business Environment." When students have the English-dialect PDF of this Brief Case in a course pack, they will likewise have the choice to buy a sound variant. In 2006, the nation chief for Alpen Bank in Romania, Gregory Carle, considers whether to suggest the dispatch of a charge card business. The firm rejected the thought quite a long while prior due to poor financial conditions in Romania. Then again, Romania is encountering a time of financial development in the wake of joining the European Union and Carle trusts the time has come to reexamine the open door in spite of proceeded with distrust inside of the organization. Carle faces a few critical choices before he can display his arrangement to the head of International Consumer Businesses. He must choose whether to dispatch a charge card business in Romania, how to position the Mastercard, and how to secure new clients most successfully. This case is proper for utilization in the item strategy module of a general advertising course, in another item course, or in an administrations administration course. Students are obliged to finish a quantitative task as a major aspect of case investigation.

Excel Calculations

Average Revenue per Cardholder (All)

·         Average Revenue per Cardholder (Affluent only)

·         Customer Conversion Rate

·         Sales Representatives Needed

·         Customer Acquisition Costs (All)

·         Average Acquisition Cost per Cardholder

·         Customer Acquisition Costs (Affluent Only)

·         Average Acquisition Cost per Cardholder

·         Break-even Analysis

Questions Covered


·         Analysis

·         Break-even

·         The Decision

·         Effect on Core Business

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