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AmTran Technology Ltd Case Solution

Case Solution

To enhance their viability, colored cases ought to be imprinted in color. As a unique configuration maker (ODM) of TV sets and driving supplier to Vizio, a business pioneer in the U.S. for LCD level board TVs, Am Tran Technology Ltd. utilizes what author Alpha Wu depicts as a "WE" demonstrate in which western organizations perform deals, showcasing, and item definition work, while eastern organizations in Asia like his perform the designing and assembling work. Gone up against with commoditization weight, Wu is given the chance to permit a noteworthy TV brand. Is this reliable with his model? The case investigates the progressions that have occurred in the customer TV recipient business sector and the difficulties confronted by pioneers of the simple business sector like Sony. It is proposed for utilization with the specialized note, "Competency-wrecking Technology Transitions: Why the Transition to Digital is Particularly Challenging," HBS No. 613-024.

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1.       How did AmTran acquire the capabilities it needed to be in the TV business?

2.       What is your assessment of Amtran’s position in this network innovation model? Sony’s?

3.       Does the acquisition of the JVC brand make sense in light of Amtran’s partnership with Vizio? Do you recommend going down this path, or trying to be more like Foxconn and focusing on scale?

4.       What would you recommend to Sony management?