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BRL Hardy Globalizing an Australian Wine Company Case Solution

Case Solution

The , managing director of BRL Hardy in Europe, Christopher Carson, is challenged to decide between two new product launch options. Carson, who looks after the offshore production of the Australian wine company has started to internationalize his plans and tactics that include more than the trade of the mother company’s wines. Following a tough partnership with a Chilean wine source, Carson is suggesting to introduce a brand extension of Italian wines. The European team that works under him has also come up with a novel Australian brand that would challenge and rival with the mother company’s international brand launch.

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Questions Covered

How do you account for BRL Hardy’s remarkable post merger success?

What is the source of the tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson?  How effectively has Steve Millar handled their differences?

Should Miller approve Carson’s proposal to launch D’istinto?  Why/why not?

What recommendation would you make to the organization concerning the conflicting proposals forKelly’s Revenge and Banrock Station?  What would you decide to do as Carson? As Millar?