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Banking or Consulting That is the Question Case Solution

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Emily was a student at the Ivey School where she was in her final year of the Bachelor of Arts program. She had joined Lalani, O'Hagan & John where she worked on accounts. This work experience made her realize that accounting was not the career she wanted to pursue. She decided that she would work for a professional company. She choose investment banking and consulting as her career choice. She decided that she should meet someone who knows about this career to guide her through. She asked her classmates, who were experienced in these fields about their jobs, she needed to decide her career’s progression.

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Questions Covered

1- Judging by their respective hiring, training, staffing, evaluation and compensation systems, what do you think the competitive priorities of Morton & Associates and Berkes Jackson are? That is how does each firm rank staff development, profitability, client satisfaction and employee satisfaction?


2- What are your competitive priorities? Ignoring the industry, which of the two firms would you like to work for? Why?


3- As Emily Holland-Power, would you have other questions for Eric Wong and Jeff Borins that would help you to make better decisions about where to work?