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Huge Spaceship, a digital advertising and promotion organization, is well known for the site that it made to showcase Hollywood movies and for the brand like Coca Cola and Nike. The organization was made in 2000 by the association in the middle of Lebowitz's and his partner. The company's quality suggestion centered around method driven showcasing arrangements, vital association with customers and experiential stimulation to the buyer. Likewise, it had a particularly unmistakable society that advances development and imagination. In 2008, organization began developing and due to it, the authoritative structure was changed from utilitarian to group based. By August 2008, even with representatives as few as fifty, the organization had figured out how to make its imprint inside of the promoting business. Presently, if Lebowitz's and his group needs to develop further, they must think of some as difficult issues like producing capital, overseeing staff, relations with other publicizing organization, and the most critical of all how proportional the business while holding their aggressive system.

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