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Case Solution

In the beginning of 1998 Biopure Corp., a midsized biopharmaceutical company with zero sales income in its decade old history, has just gotten the state's sanction to issue Oxyglobin, a transformational new "blood substitute" produced in a way to supersede the requirement for donated animal blood in the veterinary business. An almost similar product for the human consumption, Hemopure, is in the concluding phases of testing by Biopure and is looking forward to gaining approval during the coming one to two years. In reaction to the timing of agreement of release for these two products, there has been an ongoing debate within Biopure regarding how to go ahead with Oxyglobin. At one side are the controllers of Oxyglobin, who seek to have the animal product launched without any delay, and those in control of the Hemopure, however, are concerned that a launch of Oxyglobin without any delay would lead to an idealistically low price benchmark for what they thought should be a high-profit margin human good. Detailing in length the challenges faced in the biopharmaceutical industry, where product endorsement is never a surety until gotten in hand

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Questions Covered

How do you assess BioPure’s potential in the human market? The animal market?

What are the biggest obstacles to Biopure’s success in the human market? The animal market?

How might Oxyglobin be a threat to Hemopure? How might it be an asset to Hemopure?

What should Biopure do regarding the commercial release of Oxyglobin? If they release, what price should they set? How should it be distributed?

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