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Case Solution

In 1993, the Swatch is the top of the line observes ever. Follows the historical backdrop of the watch business up to the mid-1980s, when the Swatch was presented. Portrays the different components that made the Swatch not quite the same as any watch the business had ever seen. Likewise incorporates a talk of SMH, which controls Swatch, investigating how the organization has dealt with the Swatch mark in the setting of its image portfolio (nine worldwide watch marks altogether.

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1. Why was Swatch so successful? In what way was the Swatch different then any watch the industry had ever seen?

2. What elements of the original Swatch marketing plan were most critical to the brand´s success? Do you agree with the original product strategy? The channel strategy? The promotional strategy? What about the pricing strategy - what does Franco Bosisio mean when he says that the Swatch is sold at a “clean price”? Given the huge demand for Swatches (particularly for certain models), did the company make a mistake in not raising the price for some of its styles?

3. Prior to the introduction of the Swatch, what kinds of watches were popular among consumers? In what way was a Rolex different from a Timex, or from a gold-plated Seiko? How did consumers make buying decisions?

4. In many ways, the Swatch forced people to think about watches in a way they had never thought before. Can you think of other products in other product categories that have done the same thing?

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