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Blackheath Manufacturing Company Case Solution

Case Solution

Lee High, the freshlyemployed cost accountant at Black heath Manufacturing Company, calculates the variable cost and the fixed cost per unit on a weekly capacity of 500 items of the Great Heath. He utilizes this data to constructa few price strategies. His supervisor, Charlton Black heath, accepts and incorporates the policies and further makes an addition of a feature: an increased commission on sales at an increased price. While both High and Black heath are not in office, the file clerk, Adelaide Lady, takes an order not matching the policies and is sacked. Students are required to design an adequateseries of decision policiespertaining to the pricing Great Heath and to assess Lady well’s decision. Also look at "Black heath Manufacturing Company-Revisited" (UV1729).

Excel Calculations

Cost Per Unit Analysis

Breakeven Analysis

Correct Profit from Sales-Cost report

Profit if all Orders Accepted

Profit if no LandWell order

Net Income

Questions Covered

1. What is an appropriate set of decision rules for pricing the great Heath?

2. Do you agree or disagree with LadyWell's decision? Why, explain in detail.