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Blinds To Go Invading the Sunshine State Case Solution

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Case Solution

Blinds to Go (BTG), a Montreal headquartered maker of made-to-request window blankets, had settled on the choice to enter Florida advertise by opening eight retail locations. As an aftereffect of this choice, the senior VP of operations for BTG was confronted with the quandary of choosing if and when a get together plant ought to be fabricated to bolster these and future Florida retail locations. The latest plant, assembled in Lakewood, NJ, had encountered operational issues amid its start-up, bringing about the possible substitution of the vast majority of the supervisory staff and a noteworthy segment of the plant representatives. This prompted extra start-up expenses and client administration issues. Confronted with this venture into Florida, the senior VP begin conceiving a working arrangement that would accomplish the objectives of the Florida development without the developing torments of past endeavors. As the stores were to be opened in six months, an arrangement would need to be finished soon.

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