Bolster Electronics Dealing with Dealer Demands Case Solution

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Case Solution

This B2B case depicts a typical circumstance that emerges when channel accomplices pick up achievement and the apparent parity of force movements from the supplier to the channel. The administrator for Bolster Electronics, one of the biggest suppliers in Canada of cutting edge modern feature hardware for cruel situations, must consider a solicitation from Vickers Industrial Supplies, a provincial merchant, to be overhauled from a dealership to a wholesaler. Vickers was creating a developing business volume for Bolster in a vital business section, the Canadian oil sands in northern Alberta. Sanctioning Vickers' solicitation will create slimmer edges for the maker, which may be made up with higher anticipated volume, if the projections are sensible. The potential response of the organization's national wholesalers is bringing on concern. In spite of the fact that Bolster offers to territorial dealerships in the United States, its approach is to disseminate its items in Canada through two national wholesalers, and it expects that expanding Vickers' part will estrange these merchants. Every option has advantages and dangers.

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Questions Covered

1. What decision(s) have to be made?

2. What issues does Rob Jackson need to consider in making these decisions?

3. What alternatives does he have?

4. What might happen as a result of each of the alternatives?

5. What might be the financial impact of each alternative?

6. What course of action should Rob Jackson take, and why?

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