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Case Solution

The Boston Lyric Opera was the quickest developing musical drama organization in North America amid the 1990s. Having effectively finished a move to a bigger utility in 1999, the board and general director perceive the need to build up a formal strategic planning and governance procedure to facilitate the company into the coming times. Board members, senior supervisors, and artistic leaders utilize the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as the center of a multi-month tacticalplanningprocedure that builds up a tactical guide and aims in the four BSC points of views for three core strategic approaches. This case portrays the construction of the high-level scorecard, its translation into other departments and employees and the director’s meetings and reactions – using the BSC – with the artistic managers and BOD

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Questions Covered

1.The Boston Lyric Opera (BLO) working group has selected eight customer objectives for

its three strategic themes (see bulleted items on pages 5-7 of the case, also summarized in

the Customer row of Exhibit 5):

• Develop loyal and generous supporters

• Build reputation on national and international opera scene

• Reach the Boston area community

What measures should the project team select for these eight objectives?

2. What changes were required to adapt the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to a nonprofit  organization?

3. What are the benefits from developing the Balanced Scorecard at BLO? What challenges  and barriers must Del Sesto and Dahling-Sullivan overcome to capture these benefits?

4. Comment 

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