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Brannigan Foods Strategic Marketing Planning Case Solution

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Case Solution

The soup division at Brannigan Foods contributes more than 40% of the company's income. The general administrator is worried that the soup business is declining and that the soup division shows declining benefits and piece of the overall industry, particularly among the essential child of post war America portion. Wanting to invert these patterns, he requests that four key directors survey an advisor's examination of the soup business and suggest a turnaround procedure. Every administrator displays an alternate arrangement, from putting resources into center business sector portions and items to gaining new product offerings and clients. Students must perform a quantitative examination of every proposition while considering the plausibility and dangers connected with every alternative before making a last suggestion.

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Questions Covered

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction and Problem Statement

3.       Situational Analysis

4.       Current Scenario

5.       Porter’s Five Forces Model

6.       Rivalry among Competitors

7.       Threat of New Entrants

8.       Threat from Substitute Products

9.       Bargaining Power of Buyers

10.   Bargaining Power of Suppliers

11.   SWOT Analysis

12.   Strengths

13.   Weaknesses

14.   Opportunities

15.   Threats

16.   Alternatives and Evaluation

17.   Invest in the Growing Sectors

18.   Advantages

19.   Disadvantages

20.   Acquire Product Lines to Complement the Core Growing Sectors

21.   Advantages

22.   Disadvantages

23.   Invest in Organic Growth from Internally Developed New Products

24.   Advantages

25.   Disadvantages

26.   Invest in Core

27.   Advantages

28.   Disadvantages

29.   Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification