Brighter Smiles for the Masses Colgate vs P&G Case Solution

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Case Solution

P&G, in 2000 developed a product with which customers could whiten their teeth easily. These strips were the initiator of a new segment of the oral care industry. The industry was worth $460 million as of 2002. P&G’s main competitor in oral care, Colgate was faced with difficulties. P&G had protected its innovation by several patents. Colgate had to develop a new product to compete with the white strips. It launched the simply white which could be painted on the teeth, with a whitening effect. Simply white had 50% of market share and Crest lost its 50% share in the industry. However, P&G found that simply white was not as effective as the strips. The case raises a question of the advantage that P&G could take because of this ineffective product.

Excel Calculations


Market Share

Breakeven Analysis

Financial analysis

Price Decrease

Questions Covered

1- Breakeven Analysis and ROI

2- Company Wise Financial Analysis


3- SWOT Analysis

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