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Building the Culture at Agilent Technologies Back to the Future Case Solution

Case Solution

1999 market the split of Hewlett-Packard (HP). The HR faced a great issue to retain the employees for Agilent, the new company. The new company was based on its loyal employees. These employees were recognized by the HP brand. The HR needed to develop an organizational culture which could retain the employee focus and loyalty. The case gives details on the company’s projects to involve the HR department in the development of a new culture. The company saw the transformation of the HR department. Previously, the HR had promoted a safe culture. However, it was transformed to inculcate a rewards based system in the company. This developing department was faced with financial constraints in 2001which was supposed to put the newly developed organization to test. With the restructuring initiatives and the layoffs, the case questions the management’s decision in developing a distinct Agilent culture.

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Questions Covered

1- Is the culture change sought by Ned Barnholt necessary for the future success of Agilent Technologies?  Is it sufficient?  

2- What do you like most so far about the process of cultural and organizational change at Agilent? What do you like least?   

3- What is your assessment of the changes in rewards and performance management adopted as part of Agilent’s HR transformation?

4- What changes would you recommend in the content or process of Agilent’s culture change initiative going forward?