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Bunge Poised for Growth Case Solution

Case Solution

Bunge is the leading oilseed processor in the world. The CEO plans to expand the company to the emerging markets of Europe and Asia. The expectations are that the oil and meat industry would expand in Asia. The CEO is faced with a decision on the strategies that must be implemented to enhance the global standing and the leadership position in the growing markets. The Asian segment is expected to expand in the bio-technology products and supply chains that are preserved. Bunge is distinctive in this category because of the integrated supply cha from farm to the customer. It also has a decentralized management and emphasizes on entrepreneurship at a local scale.

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Questions Covered

1- What business is Bunge in? (support your assertions) 

2- How would you describe Bunge’s unique business model? (provide a detailed analysis of their business model) 

3- What are some of the fundamental trends and structural changes in the international agribusiness market? 

4- Which countries are the leading soybean producers? 

5- Is Alberto Weisser’s view of the future, as expressed at the very end of the case, correct? 

6- Are partnerships a temporary measure for Bunge as their transform themselves, or should they be a permanent part of their strategic approach? 

7- Is Bunge moving too quickly or too slowly (pick one) in developing marketing in Asia? 

8- Can Bunge apply its focused approach to soybeans to other crops? If so, which ones? 

9- How do you perceive Bunge’s corporate culture? 

10- Where should Bunge’s headquarters be located next?