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Burlington Northern The ARES Decision A Case Solution

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Burlington Northern's choice whether to put resources into ARES, a mechanized train controls framework, is a ($350 million) vital interest in data innovation. Albeit set in an administration industry (railroad) the issues around this choice emerge in numerous associations and oblige the organization to break down the undertaking from numerous points of view. ARES offers the possibility to change the premise of rivalry in the business through innovation. The organization must consider the worth, if any, of being first in the business to embrace an innovation; the potential effect on client administrations, quality, and dependability; and the part and estimation of data frameworks innovation. Burlington ponders how to evaluate both unmistakable and elusive advantages, and thinks whether speculations that yield change in difficult to-measure variables, for example, diminished conveyance time and enhanced administration unwavering quality can be subjected to the same budgetary examination as gear substitution choices, for example, new trains. Exhibits attentive, inventive ways to deal with measuring hard-to-evaluate advantages.

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