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Cafes Monte Bianco Building a Profit Plan Case Solution

Case Solution

With the use of an income statement, balance sheet and a predicted demand and cost plans, students will be asked to construct a profit design for a closely held Italian coffee producer. Students must approximate the cash flow and ROE and make use of this assessment the lucrativeness of a new plan of action. 

Excel Calculations

Profit and Loss Statement

Cash Flows


Variable Costs

Selling Costs

Mixed Strategy

Questions Covered

Evaluate the profit implications of switching all production to private brand coffee. Estimate key accounting variables for profitability, cash and ROE 

Based on your analysis, what recommendations would you make to Giacomo?

What assumptions did you make to complete your analysis? How critical are these assumptions to your conclusions? For the monthly cash calculations, you may need to make some assumptions about how cost figures accrue each month.

Prepare a list of additinal information that you would ask for to improve the quality of your analysis.

If you have time, Analyze the profitabilitability of a mixed strategy where the company sells Grade A coffee with an advertising level of 7% and the rest of the production would be devoted to private brand coffee.