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Takes into account the chances and issues that the indian film makers meet in reaching out to the international film business and market. Provides a historical view by detailing the journey of the cinema and how Hollywood rose to be the leader in the global film industry  by 1920’s. although film industries were sustained in other regions, including Great Britain and France, their films and offerings had restricted international appeal and audience. details the growth and development of the Indian film industry and the industry framework. Bollywood films, made in Mumbai (previously known as Bombay), are the most famous and acknowledged genre. They are generally extended, melodramatic, and musical. There are also other local language films made in Chennai, solo films, and "crossover" films, generallyintegrating the experience of the Diaspora in Western nations. Bollywood films in specific have done well in Southeast Asia and are fairly popular amongst the Indian Diaspora. Brings to light the challenge of whether Indian content films can rival with Hollywood in international; markets and to how extensively an alteration in content is required for this approach to be successful

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Thinking about a Bollywood movie you have seen, what was it target audience? Would this movie have broad appeal to an American audience?  Why or why not? If the movie was changed to speak to American audience, do you think it would still appeal to an Indian audience?  Can a movie appeal to both successfully? 

What are some key differences between film markets in India and the US? What kind of opportunities does Bollywood present for American studios?

What is the best strategy for Bollywood to go global?  Should they pursue a niche market of global Indian Diaspora?  Or should they try to reach a non-Indian audience?  What kind of relationships should Indian filmmakers build with Hollywood movie industry?

For Hollywood, does Bollywood represent a competitive threat?  What kind of opportunities does Bollywood present for American filmmakers?  How should American filmmakers respond to Bollywood’s attempts to go global?    

Based on your analysis of the global movie industry, is the world flat or not?  What are the key factors you would consider in determining how global an industry is or should be?

Over time will Hollywood and Bollywood converge in products and business models? Or do you expect that globalization will create divergence, as different countries specilaze in particular products and business models?

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