Chevron Corporation 2009 Case Solution

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Case Solution

Chevron, established in 1879, is an American conglomerate energy company. The company underwent through several acquisitions and mergers leading it to Chevron Corporation in 1984. The mergers and acquisition continued, and the company acquired NGDC Corporation and Texaco, two major companies. It is renowned as one of the five largest players in the oil industry. The reason is its presence globally and the strength of its financial situation. Other oil companies in the big five of the oil industry are ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, and Exxon-Mobil. Apart from ConocoPhillips, the other four are present in about a hundred countries globally. There is no continent in which these companies do not have resources. These companies have built a competitive position in the market. This text is written from Chevron Corporation’s perspective. It aim of this text is to assess the company’s competitive standing, its present strategies, and its aims. The company envisions to develop itself as the most appreciated company regarding its people, stakeholders, and performance. 

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Existing Visin, Mission and Objectives
Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative Strategies

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