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Cleveland Clinic Growth Strategy 2012 Case Solution

Case Solution

Cleveland Clinic’s services in health care are known globally for its quality. In 2012 the strategic development of a value-based delivery of healthcare services was apparent on many levels. The clinic integrated its delivery systems throughout the northeast of Ohio. This development had started in 2007 and the entire organization was restructured to incorporate the patient’s needs as the priority instead of medical specialization. The vision of ‘patients first’ was implemented and showed results. IT systems were developed to coordinate and achieve this vision. This development also included the restructuring of the healthcare delivery systems in northeast of Ohio. The clinic has situated in other states in the USA. Other countries in which the clinic operates are Abu Dhabi and Canada. The main aim of this case is that students read about the strategic transformation and the changes that it leads in an organization. Other aspects of the case include geographical growth, strategic alignment of goals, and new approaches to assessing performances.

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