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Cold Opportunity: The Nils Bergqvist Story(A) Case Solution

Case Solution

This case is based on the entrepreneurial mindset and is suitable for students of MBA and executive programs. This case is based on the thinking of an entrepreneur very close to his native land of Sweden. The students are faced with questions in every instance. This case enables them to assess the challenges faced in the context of their own plans and expectations of an entrepreneurial journey. The case can be extended to one or two 90 minute MBA classes.

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1- As a group, take an inventory of your total available means. What do you have and what you can do based on what is available to help you build an ice hotel?
2- Based on the same inventory of your means, what else can you do besides build an ice hotel?
3- How will you leverage partnerships to help you create an ice hotel (choose a specific example and plan out how you would approach the partner, and how would you structure the relationship)? 
4- What would you be willing to lose in working to build an ice hotel? Think bootstrapping.
5- How will you manage contingency (what are 5 possible unexpected events, and how can you use them to your advantage)? These can be positive, negative (make lemonade), based on luck, etc. Chance has a way of intervening in a positive way, if managed correctly.