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Creating a Process Oriented Enterprise at Pinnacle West Case Solution

Case Solution

The case protagonists the VP and chief information officer are faced with a tough decision. The case is based on the recession that impacted the organizations globally. These organizations included Pinnacle West which was faced with difficulties during the implementation of a change process. The previous change processes have been discussed which include the success of the implementation of a process-oriented culture.The implementation of which had been done on several subsidiaries of the organization including the VP’s own IT department. However, the plan is to apply the plan on a wider scale of operation covering the whole of Pinnacle West. The strategy formulation is followed by the implementation. The strategy formulation includes the consideration of issues which are of substantial interest because the inability to do so may lead to the failure of the implementation process. It includes the issues of resource scarcity, ability to change, and the partnership of upper-level management. The case is suitable for an introductory course on systems and business and operations management courses.

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Questions Covered

1.What challenges does Brown face in creating a process-oriented organization?

2. What are the requirements for creating a process-oriented culture in an organization? To what extent does Pinnacle West address these requirements? Where is it lacking?

3. Should process transformation always occur in response to major events and/or failures? If not, why do organizations seldom embark on major transformations when there is no "burning platform"?

4. How well do you think the grassroots strategy is working at Pinnacle West? Do you think it is sustainable?

5. Is Brown's hesitation in pushing the top-down agenda justified? Or should he be more aggressive in pushing his agenda throughout the enterprise?