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Crown Worldwide Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Case Solution

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Case Solution

The crown group was initiated as a small company with moving facilities. 1965 marked the foundation of the company by Jim Thompson. The company headquartered in Hong-Kong in 1970s. Thirty years, and the company had turned into the largest private logistics and relocation company in the world. The main foundation of quality and the services in community drove the company to success. The growing impact of CSR activities on the sustainability of the company as well as the community meant that it needed to be a part of the company’s everyday operations. The CSR activities at Crown started in 2008 when a CSR director was appointed. The main job description of the director being the development of a global CSR strategy for the company to provide backing to the company’s already present community development programs. The case included the integration of the CSR activities in the business strategies. These integrational strategies included the development of environmental principles, increasing volunteerism behavior among employees, developing communication for CSR activities, and developing a CSR integrated supply system. The company followed the UN goals in this regard which were developed as an initiative to inculcate responsible community behavior among companies all across the globe. The CSR efforts included the initiation of yearly sustainability reports. However, the complete inculcation of corporate responsibility among all employees. The main question is the assessment of the factors that would play a role in the success of the CSR initiatives and its integration in the business. 

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