Cunard Line Ltd Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Case Solution

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Case Solution

Cunrad, the world's initial luxury line company, is challenged with a number of important problems that involve its marketing and marketing communications plans and strategy. One issue is the match between the company's brand image/positioning promotions and the short lived advertisement campaigns/communications that take place for each of the Cunrad's ships (i.e. pull vs push communications). In relation to this is the general strategy for marketing communications which involves the tools used by the Cunrad - media promotions, direct advertising, etc. another problem is the focus in marketing communications between the emphasis on the Cunrad company identity and the emphasis on the individual ships identities. The company strategy is based on the use of integrated marketing communications for the overall organization as well as the products. In addition, the problems discussed are also adversely influenced by the economic situation which negatively affects the sales and the US-Iraq conflict which h negatively impacts the consumer leisure travel plans and activities. 

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Questions Covered

In light of the difficult economic and competitive conditions, should Cunard use a more “sale-oriented” format with more emphasis on price for its tactical advertising?

In better economic times would your judgement differ regarding the above?

What is your recommendation to Cunard regarding the balance in the focus of marketing communications between the overall Cunard identity and image, and the identity and image of the individual ships?

Which marketing communications elements do you believe should receive greater/lesser emphasis by Cunard? Why? Specifically, what about the role of direct marketing?

What are the implications of the success of the “one-day sale” for Cunard?

What effects do you expect the impending organizational change to have on marketing communications at Cunard?

How would you prioritize and address the challenges facing Leslie at the close of the case?

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