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De Beers at the Millennium Case Solution

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At the time, precious stone interest was debilitated by an expanding mindfulness among gems clients that jewel creation and exchanging a few nations was being connected to developing imbalances and human rights infringement. This, thus, had an effect on De Beers' notoriety and shopper trust in the precious stone as an item that spoke to trustworthiness, adoration, and duty. In 2000, De Beers' maintainability relies on upon the capacity of its pioneers to move the standard of both the firm and its setting and grasp a particularly diverse procedure.

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1. The De Beers organization was successful at monopolizing the trade of gem quality rough stones for over a century. Please explain the mechanisms by which the firm managed to sustain its central position in the diamond trade for as long as it did.

 2. Why has De Beers given up monopolizing rough stones? That is, De Beers had a strategy that served it well for decades. What caused this strategy to lose consonance (“fit” with the conditions in its environment)?

3. Evaluate De Beers’ branding strategy (not just for itself but for the majority of rough it distributes).