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Dexit A Marketing Opportunity Case Solution

Case Solution

Dexit is another electronic installment framework that offers a helpful distinct option for money for little esteem retail exchanges. The CEO is confronted with some discriminating target market and promoting blend choices as she gets ready for dispatch. The circumstance is entangled by the way that activity is required on two fronts: Dexit should not just enroll end shoppers for the administration, it likewise must persuade shippers to introduce the installment terminals. Since paying with money is free, the organization needs to induce both gatherings that the included accommodation of Dexit legitimizes an exchange charge. In spite of the fact that the idea seems to have great potential, late test business sector disappointments of two comparative offerings recommend that achievement is a long way from ensured. Strengthens the significance of strong shopper examination when selecting an objective business sector, shows the idea of worth to the client, and gives a premise to talking about push versus force advertising methodologies.

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1.       Introduction

2.       Key Decisions

3.       Factors in Favor

4.       Factor Working Against

5.       Market Opportunity

6.       Market Segment

7.       Course of Action

8.       Identify the Target Market

9.       Marketing Mix

10.   Push or Pull Strategy

11.   National vs. Local Launch Decision

12.   Marketing Mix

13.   Product:

14.   Price:

15.   Place:

16.   Promotion