Dove Evolution of a Brand Case Solution

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Case Solution

This case study is further facilitated by a video that can be played in the class or be made a part in a digital course pack. Teachers should be careful about ensuring that the video is available for the students as to when needed by the course design as it divulges key information pertaining to the case. Looks into how dove grew from a functional brand to a brand with a perspective after Unilever labeled it to be a master brand and developed its portfolio to facilitate access to a lot of different markets that are beyond the initial bath soap classification. The progress has compelled the brand management team to look afresh at the conventionally held clichés in the beauty market. The outcome is the debated Real Beauty Campaign. As the campaign unravels, Unilever becomes a pro at making use of the internet and specifically the social media platforms which include youtube to manage the debate. Video supplement is accessible for buying via the Harvard Business Publishing customer service department.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1. Why does Unilever want fewer brands?

2. What was Dove‟s market positioning in the 1950s? What is its positioning in 2007?

3. How did Unilever organize its product category and brand management activities before 2000? What is the corresponding structure post-2000?

4. How was brand meaning controlled prior to 2000, and how is it controlled at the time of the case? What are the risks and rewards of its strategy?

5. What are people saying about Dove today? (You will need to go online and search blogs to answer this question.)

6. Do you see risks for the Dove brand today?

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