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Dynashears Inc Case Solution

Case Solution

A senior credit officer is investigating the late execution of an organization that has neglected to reimburse its advance as planned. The disappointment results from a repetitive downturn in deals, combined with a slack in reducing creation. Stock danger is negligible. Showing target: Practice in money related examination and in comprehension the effect of business cycle on tough merchandise organizations. Likewise a chance to assess the circumstance from a loan specialist's point of view.A redrafted account of a previous case.

Excel Calculations

·         Variation

·         Exhibit 1 Pro Forma Income Statements, Fiscal 1991 (thousands of dollars)                                          

·         Exhibit 2 Pro Forma Balance Sheets, Fiscal 1991 (thousands of dollars)                                                    

·         Exhibit 3 Balance Sheets, 1990-1991 (thousands of dollars)                                                                          

·         Exhibit 4 Income Statements, 1990-1991 (thousands of dollars)                                                                 

·         Variation Between Actual and Budgeted data of Income Statement                                       

·         Variation Between Actual and Budgeted data of Income Statement                                                       

·         Ratios Comparision for Proforma and Actual Statements                                                              

·         Income Statement

·         Revised Inventory Estimates                                                                                                                                     

·         Income Statements, 1991-1992 (thousands of dollars)  

Questions Covered

What are the reasons why the company could not repay its loans?

What can be done to correct the situation?

Will the company be able to repay its loans if it takes the corrective actions.