Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea Case Solution

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Case Solution

Ellen Moore is an employee of a North American IT company. She has been sent out to Korea to manage a joint venture between a Korean multinational and the IT Company. The plan was to send out the Americans to impart their knowledge to the Koreans having a low experience in this category. The first seven months of the joint venture were allocated to the Americans sharing their expertise. Ellen’s supervisor had secured the contract with Korea pertaining to his knowledge in that area. Ellen was chosen because of her noteworthy skills on project management. She also had had international experience making him the ideal candidate for the job. However, when Ellen met the Koreans, their skills were lower than her expectations. The Korean manager was to be a co-manager to Ellen, but disputes arose on the position of the team lead and direction. These contingencies resulted in the project being late. The Koreans were still not ready to accept directions from Ellen.

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