Euro Disney The First 100 Days Case Solution

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Case Solution

The Walt Disney Co. theme parks have since long survived and succeeded on the grounds of a simple formula which emphasized on providing immaculate customer service and a top-notch physical surrounding for the magical customer experience. The formula has been appreciated in Japan as well as in the USA. However, with the much-debated inauguration of the Euro Disney in France, the formula's lure has come under doubt and skepticism. The case details problems and challenges related to Euro Disney. Investigates the application of a tested and approved service idea across global borders.

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Questions Covered

1. Assess Disney’s decision to build a theme park in Europe. How can such a decision be evaluated and was it a wise one?

2. What is Euro Disney’s target market, and what are the implications for the development and organization of the park?

3. What aspects of the traditional Disney theme park formula, in terms of park design and service design, might prove to be transferrable to Euro Disney, and which might prove to be specific to the US and/or Japan? In general, what issues should a company think through before extending a successful service concept across cultural boundaries?

4. Assess the implementation of Euro Disney’s service delivery system. What could the company have done differently?

5. Should Euro Disney proceed with the next step of development?

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