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Evaluation of Nudge Improving Decisions About Health Wealth and Happiness Case Solution

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Sunstein and Thaler have developed a framework that assesses opportunity, riches, health, and other parts of life. The discussion includes structural engineering and demonstrations. These authors also supply the readers with the knowledge to develop an environment in which scholars, learners, and customers would make choices that make living enjoyable. The starting of the chapter is a picture that showcases illusions that can trick the human mind. It is the basis of the explanation by the authors of the human mind dynamics. Thinking consists of automatic thinking as well as reflective thinking. The common reaction is the automatic response. Logical reasoning is a part of the reflective responses. Automatic thinking can assist in enhancing life’s quality if its speed is increased. 

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1- Introduction
2- Biases and Blunders
3- Resisting Temptation
4- Following the Herd
5- Choice Architecture
6- Savings & Investment
7- Application of Theory
8- Conclusion