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Executive Decision Making at General Motors Case Solution

Case Solution

Depicts the advancement of General Motors' methodology, authoritative structure, and administration forms from its establishing to the present day. Spotlights on the part of GM's administration advisory group - the senior-choice making body at the organization, now called the Automotive Strategy Board (ASB)- - and how it works under Rick Wagoner, its current CEO. In October 2004, Wagoner and the ASB are grappling with late changes in GM's arranging and planning procedures and how they will influence the harmony in the middle of worldwide and neighborhood needs.

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Questions Covered

How have GM’s external environment, strategy, structure and decision making processes evolved over time?  How well aligned were they in each of the 3 major eras?

What are the challenges of managing a matrix organization like GM’s basket weave?  How has GM chosen to address these challenges?

What is your assessment of the ASB’s decision making dynamics?  What (if any) changes would you recommend?