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Feed Resource Recovery Case Solution

Case Solution

Shane Eten is enthusiastic about being a business visionary and finds an open door in overseeing sustenance squander; a Clean Technology startup. Shane builds up an arrangement for an anaerobic digester that will change over market nourishment waste into vitality and natural compost. The case investigates Shane's entrepreneurial trip, from working in a cutting edge startup, a low tech light producer, a MBA student to picking up acknowledgment in marketable strategy rivalries for the anaerobic digester. At the point in time of the case, Shane needs to raise some money to build up a model and demonstrate his idea. Shane battles in distinguishing hotspots for the $250,000 he needs to dispatch his fantasy. Despite the fact that Shane has collected loads of enthusiasm from potential financial specialists amid his accomplishment in strategy for success rivalries, his endeavor is too soon and the capital required is too little for investors. He could look for holy messenger capital, however in what capacity would he be able to distinguish these "concealed" heavenly attendants? Loved ones are a probability, however Shane isn't certain that his contacts have enough capital accessible for him. Additionally, he might want to save however much possession as could be expected as of right now, in light of the fact that he perceives that he'll have to raise more money to manufacture the organization if the model is effective. This is a decent case to investigate option wellsprings of capital.

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Questions Covered

What is Feed’s most likely source of competition in the short and longer term?

Why are the venture capitalists interested in this business?

If you were a venture capitalist would you invest now?  What questions are on your mind?

What exit strategies do you believe will be feasible for feed?

Should Ryan and Shane approach family and friends?  What issues are there when seeking such investments?

Are there are any other sources of capital available?  What are they and how do they get it?