Flare Fragrances Company Inc Analyzing Growth Opportunities Brief Case Case Solution

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Case Solution

An English-language PDF of this Brief Case in an academic course pack will allow the students with the opportunity to buy an audio form as well. Flare Fragrances, a maker of aromas for ladies, confronts a development challenge in a troublesome monetary environment. President Joely Patterson traces two development open doors for her promoting staff to assess. One includes propelling another fragrance - and potentially isolating it from the trusty "umbrella brand" that embodies Flare's different aromas; alternate includes developing Flare's entrance into the drugstore channel. In Patterson's perspective, the firm can seek after the first open door, the second, or both - yet it must do something. In helping Patterson to survey the open doors, the advertising group must consider an extensive variety of variables, including brand administration, buyer demographics, and situating and estimating issues. The case obliges students to finish a quantitative task as a major aspect of case examination. Key subjects incorporate product offering administration, item situating, and new item dispatch.

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Questions Covered

1.       Introduction and Problem Identification

2.       Strategic Alternative One

3.       Strategic Alternative Two

4.       Strategic Alternative Three

5.       Recommended Action Plan

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