Four Star Industries Singapore Matching Supply with Demand Case Solution

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Case Solution

Four star industries is a family business that was taken over by the founder's successors in 2002. The company was founded three decades earlier. The company manufactures mattresses for the Singapore market. The period saw many manufacturers entering the industry that increased the competition faced by the company. The market was seasonal and volatile and such competition was a huge threat to the company. The company saw several product offerings being made by other manufacturers. The market leaders adopted the strategy of diversifying the product portfolio to gain more customers. However, the increase in products offerings by four star was followed by chaos. The demand increased considerably and the company was faced with challenges in fulfilling the demand. SiaMeng was concerned about the long-term employees. He thought that they might decide to leave the company because of the additional pressures. An effective model of operations had to be developed for making the company sustainable for the long as well as the short term.

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Questions Covered

1- What are the problems facing Four Star Industries in the mattress manufacturing operations? 

2- How does increasing mattress variety impact four Star’s operations? 

3- Analyze the various courses of action that Sia Meng is contemplating to solve the operations problems. How effective will these actions be? 

4- Discuss possible ways in which Four Star can reconfigure its product design, manufacturing and order fulfillment strategies. How will this help to solve its operational problems? Answer the four questions. Write a summary of the rest things and your analysis

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