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Frito Lay North America The Making of a Net Zero Snack Chip Case Solution

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Executing a manageability methodology obliges firms to consider monetary, key, ecological, and group points of view. Suitable for MBA, undergrad, and executive learners, this manageability case covers development, business enterprise, and methodology. An Excel carbon foot shaped impression investigation exercise (UVA-S-ENT-0112) goes with the case; a specialized note entitled, "Corporate Greenhouse Accounting: Carbon Footprint Analysis" (UV2027) is a powerful supplement. Frito-Lay's Arizona office pilots a project to take its nibble chip assembling off the lattice. Leaders examine working, money related, advertising, and corporate methodology as the office computes its carbon foot shaped impression, proselytes to non-fossil-fuel vitality sources, and quits depending on the rare neighborhood water supply.

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