From In house to Joint R&D The Way forward for Nokia Denmark Case Solution

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Case Solution

The case depicts and talks about the authoritative and vital difficulties of outsourcing innovative work (R&D) exercises from Denmark to China. Nokia Denmark was established in 1996 as an auxiliary of the Nokia Corporation and contained the biggest Nokia R&D unit, focusing on the improvement of cellular phones, outside Finland. In 2007, Nokia Denmark got guidelines from corporate central station to radically expand the quantity of cell telephones created. Inspired by the need to discharge weight on its in-house limit, Nokia Denmark chose to outsource certain item improvement ventures to the Taiwanese organization Foxconn in a joint R&D (JRD) setup. Foxconn, one of the world's biggest electronic segment makers, which was additionally creating items for a significant number of Nokia's rivals, was given the obligation of creating and testing chose institutionalized and less perplexing cell telephones, while more unpredictable and advanced innovation activities were held in-house. Be that as it may, by 2010, Foxconn had turned into a focal figure in Nokia Denmark's item improvement process with obligation regarding progressively complex activities. Given the expanding significance of Foxconn for Nokia Denmark, the rising weight from the corporate home office and the focused business sector environment on items and expenses, Nokia Demark in this way confronted a focal question on the best way to continue with the JRD. Three options were plot for the eventual fate of Nokia Denmark's JRD with Foxconn: the administration could choose scaling up, eliminating or proceeding with the present state of affairs.

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1.       Consider the key challenges facing Nokia in its joint R&D with Foxconn in China. If Nokia is to continue with (perhaps even scale up) the JRD, how should it organize and manage the joint product development activities?

2.       Introduction

3.       Key Challenges

4.       Organization and Management of Joint Product Development Activities

5.       Conclusion

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