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Fulton County School System Implementing the Balanced Scorecard Case Solution

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Represents the adjustment and execution of a private part administration device, the Balanced Scorecard, to a state funded school region. As a component of a persistent change activity, the Director of Planning and Policy encourages the advancement of a system guide and scorecard for the locale. She then helps course the scoreboard down to individual school scorecards, and up to the school board, where it is utilized to screen and aide the region's achievements. The usage, be that as it may, hits a few issues when the director leaves, trailed by high turnover among his substitutions. Empowers an exchange of the part of centralization versus decentralization in setting school destinations and responsibility, issues that emerge when bringing execution administration into state funded school areas, and the part for initiative and administration in driving changes in school accomplishment.

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1.       The case argues that Dolinger tried to implement private sector practices to improve performance. However, the balanced scorecard needed adaptations from how it is used in a for-profit firm. What are the two biggest differences between the balanced scorecard in Fulton County School System and a typical for-profit firm?

2.       Give two possible improvements to the existing balanced scorecard and explain why these changes would improve the balanced scorecard at Fulton County School System.

3.       The lectures on the balanced scorecard identified some problems with the balanced scorecard in general. Explain the most important shortcoming for the Fulton County School System.