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GENICON A Surgical Strike into Emerging Markets Case Solution

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An important challenge confronting an organization's capacity to develop its business globally is deciding where it ought to go next. One organization that was challenged with that choice was GENICON, a U.S.-nativecompany that fabricated and suppliedmedical goods and instruments for laparoscopic surgeries. In spite of the fact that the well cordoned surgical market in the United States had long been the biggest internationally, other global markets were predicted to develop at a much quicker pace than the US market for a long time to come. GENICON was at that pointpresent  in more than 40 global markets and was looking specifically at the fast developing markets - Brazil, Russia, India and China - as potentially new  avenues for development. This case is adequate to be used in an international business course to allow learning regarding to market selection strategies. It may also be utilized in discussions pertaining to global marketing enterprise and business planning.

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