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Gardenburger Advertising Strategy A Case Solution

Case Solution

In 1997, Lyle Hubbard, CEO of Gardenburger, a maker and advertiser of veggie burgers and meat elective items, had assembled his official group to talk about Gardenburger's publicizing procedure, which until then had comprised essentially of print promotions in sustenance administration exchange productions, exchange shows, off-receipt advancements with wholesalers, in-store testing, and radio publicizing. At the point when Hubbard landed at Gardenburger, he had needed to make a quickly developing, exceedingly gainful organization by taking veggie burgers from a little wellbeing sustenance specialty to the purchaser standard. He trusted that key to accomplishing this methodology was setting up national dissemination in the biggest channel, the basic need channel (which Gardenburger had just infiltrated 30% by the start of 1996); advancing with flavor mixed bag (however for the most part concentrating on the veggie patty versus venturing into other meat choices); and making wide buyer mindfulness and trial.

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1.       Problem Statement

2.       Possible Alternatives

3.       Discussion of advantages and Disadvantages of Proposed Alternatives

4.       Catering to Both Segments

5.       Sticking to Niche Market

6.       Recommended Action Plan