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Global Asset Allocation Whither the U S Dollar Case Solution

Case Solution

In April 2009, Rashonda Williams, in charge of worldwide resource portion at an extensive benefits store, needed to choose whether the expand the assignment to outside securities. An essential variable impacting her choice was her view on the reasonable way of the U.S. dollar throughout the following 5 to 10 years. Were we very nearly a gigantic repatriation of U.S. speculators' remote portfolios? Would remote national banks start to expand far from dollars? Was the dollar (and other real monetary forms) so underestimated that the Group of Seven (G7) may think about composed coin intercession? William's evaluation of these issues would be a huge figure her general appraisal: Should she prescribe to the board that it expand the allotment to outside securities, or if it take this chance to repatriate benefits and build the weight on U.S. securities?

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Questions Covered

1.       Critique the author’s perspective on the U.S. dollar. o Describe three of the most powerful arguments towards a stronger/weaker dollar. o Do you agree with the author’s prospects for a stronger U.S. dollar?

2.       Currencies trade in pairs. Dollar/Euro. Dollar/Yen. Dollar/Renminbi. o Choose a pair and comment on which currency will likely be the stronger currency one year from now using some of the indicators described in the book as well as additional articles on the subject.

3.       Should Rashonda Williams increase the allocation to foreign securities? Tie your decision back into your prediction for the dollar over the next 5-10 years.