Growing Pains at Stroz Friedberg Abridged Case Solution

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Case Solution

Edward Stroz and Eric Friedberg worked for a leading consultancy. The specialty of the firm was the effective management of digital evidence and risk. This segment had increased in opportunity in the recent years. This growth led to the CFO predicting that the company would be able to grow rapidly. However, this prediction seemed overstated when the growth rate of 2010 had been 10.2% as opposed to the prediction of 27%. The years that followed were successful in growth. However, the company faced several challenges in this course. The assessment of the organization’s culture, and structure in 2008 led to a series of changes in the organization. The firm was still under the change process when the case protagonists considered other aggressive growth opportunities.

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Questions Covered

1- Introduction and Statement of Problem


2- Causes of the Problem


3- Decision Criteria and Alternative Options


4- Recommended Action Plan

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