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Case Solution

The establishing business person of Honey Care Africa (Honey Care) revitalized Kenya's national honey industry by concentrating on small holder farmers all over the nation. Vital to the achievement was a creative plan of action: a synergistic association between the development division, the private sector, and country groups that worked on the fundamental capabilities of every part and their integral roles. This tripartite model was designed in a combination with local production of beehouses, viable beekeeping training and community based expansion servicefacility, and the establishment of an ensured business sector to small holder farmers via forward contracts and immediate installments. After four years, Honey Care has accomplished 68% share of the market of the overall industry in Kenya, supplies a number brands of natural, reasonable exchange honeyglobally, and is a primary wholesaler of beeswax. The business design has been effectively imitated in neighboring country of Tanzania, with growth arrangements towards Uganda and Sudan.

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Questions Covered

What are the key elements of the Honey Care Africa business model? What are the core sources of competitive advantage? How do they link together?

What partnership could be reconfigured to increase Honey care’s financial viability?

What changes could enhance the scalability and replicability of the business model?

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