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Hotmail Corp Case Solution

Case Solution

Hotmail is the leading e-mail service provider, free of cost. Chronicles is the initiator and the growth of the corporation. The case is based on its history from its initial financing to the series of financing considerations. The Draper Fisher, venture capital organization,initiated with the first round with a capital of $300,000. The second round of negotiations included the subject of entrepreneurs and their investment parties. The other two rounds that followed were based on the financial planning of the contingent situations which may arise. The last round included the discussion on other options for investments. These considerations included Kleiner Perkins and an offer from Microsoft for the acquisition of the corporation. Other than that, Hotmail was faced with financial constraints and required the development of a solution to move forward with the negotiations. The case provides alternatives and is based on the decision to go with the most viable option. 

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Questions Covered

1. What is the primary problem in the case? 

2. What are the major factors affecting the primary problem? 

3. How are you approaching the primary problem? 

4. What is your solution and recommendation(s) for the primary problem?