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HubSpot Inbound Marketing and Web 2 0 Case Solution

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Winner of the 2014 Case Center Award in the Marketing isiondi. The case Hub Spot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0' presents the idea of inbound promotions, attracting potential customers towards a business through the utilization of Web 2.0 instruments and platforms like blogging, SEO and social media/ online networking. Students trace the progress of Hub Spot, an entrepreneurial endeavor which, in its journey for development, confronts critical difficulties including: creating business sector division and focusing on methodologies to choose which client to serve and which to dismiss, designing pricing plans to meet with the value delivery stream consumers experiences, and figuring out if inbound promoting campaigns and projects can produce enough scale or whether conventional outbound advertising strategies should be utilized to quicken the pace of growth.

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1. Do you agree with HubSpot that the “rules of marketing” have changed? If so, how? Is inbound marketing the answer? Why or why not? 

2. Is HubSpot finding and serving the right set of customer? Given its position as a start-up company, should it widen its focus to serve any customer that comes its way? Or narrow their target, by focusing exclusively on either Owner Ollies or Marketer Marys? Or by focusing exclusively on either B2B or B2C customers? 

3. HubSpot has begun to differentiate its products as it has learned more about its customers. Should it do more? Should its pricing strategy change too? Does the software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model work for both Marketer Marys and Owner Ollies? Should HubSpot try to immediately capture more value for either of these customers? 

4. Are Halligan and Shah being too stubborn by not doing any outbound marketing? OR should they continue to practice what they preach by focusing on inbound marketing alone? 

5. Halligan and Shah want HubSpot to be to marketing what is to sales. What would your plan of action be to make this happen? Why would you take these actions? What keeps you up at night about your plan?